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How to identify fabric composition?

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Sells on the market recently, because some of the textiles and clothing manufacturers ingredients with the fabric name and content annotation is not standard, the unscrupulous businessmen to shoddy, true, cheat consumer. In order to help consumers identify accurately the main composition of real fabric, introduce is simple and easy to identify common sense, in order to offer the reference when consumer choose and buy clothes.

Identify fabric composition of the combustion method is simple. Is in the clothing hemming of smoke under a wisp of warp and weft yarn, cloth with fire will be lit, observe the state of combustion flame, smell the smell of the fabric yarn after burns, see the leftovers after combustion, thus judgment and durability of clothing label fabric content is consistent, to identify the authenticity of a fabric content.

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One, the cotton fiber and hemp fiber and hemp are just near the flame is burning, burning rapidly, flame, yellow, blue smoke. The smell of burning and after burning ashes, is the difference between the cotton paper smells like burning, burning plant ash smells; After combustion, cotton has little powder ash, a black or gray, hemp produces a small amount of ash gray powder.

Second, the wool fiber and silk MAO in fire smoke, foaming during burning, burning speed slower, send out a coke burning hair smell, ash after burning for more shiny black spherical particles, fingers a pressure that is broken. Silk meet indentation to make fire, burning speed slower, hiss, send out a smell of burning hair, form dark brown small ball after burning ashes, hand twist that is broken.

Three scientific name, polyamide and polyester nylon, polyamide fiber near flames shot curled fused white colloidal, namely melt dripping and sparkling, in the flame burn without fire, leave the flame burning hard, send out a celery flavour, beige molten material not easy pulverization after cooling. Scientific name dacron polyester fiber, easy to ignite, near flame namely shrinkage, melting and smoke during burning, yellow flame, fragrant smell, burning after the ashes for dark brown lump, can twist with your fingers.

Four scientific name, acrylic and polypropylene acrylic polyacrylonitrile fiber, near fire softening and smoke after the fire, with a white flame, quickly after the flame burning, send out a fire to the bitter smell of meat, after burning ashes for irregular black lumps, hand twist is fragile. Polypropylene scientific name of polypropylene fiber, near flame namely shrinkage, flammable, burning slowly and smoke from the fire, flame upper yellow, bottom, blue emitting oil smell, burning ashes as hard round fawn particles, after hand twist is fragile.

Scientific name five, whalen and chlorofibre whalen polyvinyl formaldehyde fiber, not easy to ignite, nearly flame melt contraction, the top is a little flame, burning for fiber blending gelatinize flame, with thick black smoke, bitter sweet smell, small black bead particles left after burning, available fingers crush. Scientific name chlorofibre PVC fiber, difficult to burn, the fire is out, the flame is yellow, the bottom green white smoke, pungent irritant spicy sour, after burning ashes for the dark brown irregular lumps, fingers twist not easily broken.

Six, nylon spandex spandex and fluorine scientific name polyurethane fiber, near the fire burning, burning flame is blue, leaving the fire continues to melt, sends out a special irritating odor, ashes for soft fluffy black ash after combustion. Scientific name fluorine nylon ptfe fiber, ISO organization called fluorite fiber, flame only melt, difficult ignition, not burning, edge of the flame is blue, green, carbide melt and decomposition of toxic gas, melt for hard round black beads. Fluorine nylon fiber in the textile industry is often used in the manufacture of high performance sewing thread.

Seven, viscose fiber and cuprammonium rayon fiber is flammable, burning speed, flame yellow, burn smell, less ash after burning, the smooth twisted strip light gray or gray fine powder. Cuprammonium fiber common tiger kapok, close to the flame is burning, burning speed, flame yellow, ester acidity, after burning ash is few, only a small amount of colored ash. Take a fancy to mainland market and cotton resources in xinjiang, the first futures companies beat machine.

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