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Chemical fiber fabrics, how to choose Zhen xin taimei action for you

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Part going to wholesale of chemical fiber fabrics businesses don't know how to how to choose the best chemical fiber fabrics, this will give your business a certain negative impact, so the Zhen xin taimei for your action: chemical fiber fabrics, how to choose a good horse chemical fiber fabrics, must have the following characteristics.

Is to provide the raw material for yarn, chemical fiber fabrics and yarns is to provide the raw material for the fabric, therefore, chemical fiber fabrics (TextileFibers) must have its special nature, any kind of chemical fiber fabrics, both must have the following necessary properties:

Chemical fiber fabrics, how to choose Zhen xin taimei action for you

A, fastness: must have quite the tensile strength of chemical fiber fabrics, intensity can be a minimum of 20 kg/mm2 or 1.5 g/Dan Neil (Denier).

Second, length: fiber length, more long more beautiful. If it is under 5 mm in length, is not easy to spinning.

Three, thickness: fiber thin, spun yarn and woven fabric more delicate. But if the interloper, the strength will become weak. General synthetic fibers between 0.01 to 0.04 mm in diam.

Four, ductility and elasticity: flexible for clothing is not broken, and can restore to its original state. These properties, are directly related to elasticity and ductility, therefore, chemical fiber fabrics must have appropriate elasticity and ductility.

Five, adhesive, chemical fiber fabrics must be capable of winding each other or adhesive with strong features of yarn, the nature of most because of the shape of fiber. Distortions such as cotton fiber, wool surface with scales, and easily wrapped around each other and glue. This nature in manufacturing staple fiber, is particularly important.

Six, heat preservation sex: one of the main functions, clothing with warm royal heat performance, chemical fiber fabrics for poor conductor of heat.

Seven, durability, chemical fiber fabric weaving, processing and use, must bear much of the role of force, in the absence of durable, cannot use.

Eight, insoluble: chemical fiber fabrics not only have the characteristics of insoluble in water, even for soap water, weak base, weak acid, etc should also insoluble, because no matter in the process of fabric made of, or after the system, when using soap water and weak base, weak acid, were unable to avoid.

Nine, feel soft, dry, not hard.

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