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Zhen xin textile: top warp knitted fabric manufacturers

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Zhen xin textile production experts as China warp knitting fabrics, its in swimwear, underwear fabrics based on constant innovation, sports fabrics such as fabric, wins the favor of customers at home and abroad. This year, Zhen xin textile but also with the domestic market, its impressive performance, more become each big garment factories, wholesalers and traders preferred fabrics enterprises. Email:Jdu@zhenxintex.com

As a leading enterprise in the industry of the national taimei, Zhen xin textile has never stopped its to the textile industry's leading position. In the early part of the building, Zhen xin textile with a total investment of 220 million yuan, the full introduction of Germany's most advanced weaving, dyeing and finishing equipment, and by a group of strict training of senior technical personnel to operate and control, the company fully implement international management and operation, the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and the Oeko - Tex100 European environmental certification.

Zhen xin textile: top warp knitted fabric manufacturers

Founded in 1983, Zhen xin textile, founded in early 220 million yuan, imported from Germany the most advanced weaving, dyeing and finishing equipment, and strict selection of talent, training senior technicians to the professional operation and control of imported equipment, can produce can be used in high-grade underwear, swimwear, sports leisure and home textile industry of warp knitted elastic and non elastic fabric, by a great number of garment factories, wholesalers and traders are welcome.

Zhen xin textile as top warp knitted fabric manufacturers, to strict testing all the produce of all kinds of fabrics, insist on do not qualified factory. In addition, Zhen xin textile to implement international management and operation, to ensure that produce the fabric of each index all reached international standard. Zhen xin textile fabric products have passed OEKO - Tex100 European environmental certification and ISO9001 quality system certification, fabric of various environmental protection index to realize comprehensive standards, is committed to garment factories, wholesalers and traders to provide high quality fabrics.

At present, consumers are increasingly recognized for Zhen xin textile market at home and abroad, this also for the Zhen xin textile laid a good foundation for the brand development, also established the Zhen xin textile firm taking high quality brand of fabric line. As a well-known warp knitting enterprises, the advantages of extending Zhen xin textile is Zhen xin textile gain a foothold in the domestic market, towards the international market, open the Zhen xin textile famous ground.

Has a reputation of "warp knitted family" xin textile, started from the brand after the first shot, from opened the warp knitting brand to blew Zhen xin textile horn of the brand, the middle, Zhen xin textile to precipitate myself in thirty years, the precipitation industry brand. With the rapid development of the textile industry, Zhen xin textile development faster and faster pace. In 2013, Zhen xin textile will fly! Zhen xin textile promised to "China price" for the general customers the product and the service of the "international standard", hope to develop together with customers the broad domestic and international market, to the brilliant tomorrow together!

Zhen xin taimei has 30 years of industry experience, is a large collection of taimei clothing fabrics, textile fabrics, outdoor textile fabrics, lycra fabric factory, Zhen xin taimei to implement international management and motion, nissan 50 tons, provide VIP green channel for large customers, human nature, differentiated services, excellent quality, is a qualified environmental protection fabric manufacturer, PBT fabric manufacturers. Email:Jdu@zhenxintex.com